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We started off in 2007 as the first and only Boutique Hotel in Suriname.
Offering our guests a prime location as well as customized, luxurious hotel rooms.
With the growth of expats joining the Surinamese labor market, as well as the demand for luxury houses from our tourists guests, we expanded to apartments and houses. Now we also offer space for commercial activities as well as office spaces. We have 11 different property locations within Suriname:


Tropical Keys is committed to providing excellent accommodation establishments for all housing needs, short term and long term, touristic or business, catering to all our guests’ needs. Offering customized and hospitable full service, being your best business partner in hotel rooms, apartments, housing and commercial spaces rentals.


We offer spacious state of the art accommodations in various areas of Paramaribo by continuously working at our excellent personal service with dedicated personnel and striving to be the best chain of accommodations in Suriname.

Constructive feedback from guest also helps us to achieve a better understanding of our comparative performance and we gained a clearer picture of the potential opportunities to enable us to do more in areas that are forgotten by the competitors. We constantly monitor our product by talking extensively with other rental companies and colleagues, conducting survey of employee attitudes and services, the key to making our dream of fully satisfied and content guests come true.

We apply high standards of health and safety equally to all employees and guests. Tropical Keys strives to provide and maintain a safe environment for all guest, employees and customers to its premises and to comply with relevant health and safety legislation because we care about our guests and every aspect of their safety

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